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20 February 2006

No Doubt About It - Idiot of the Week

Yes, well said. Funny how Jews get blamed for everything, even antiSemitism -- sort of creates an existential quandary (for those that believe the crap coming out of this schmuck's poison pen.).

Monday 20 February 2006
Idiot of the week: Israeli politics today make a holocaust the day after tomorrow credible

Self-designated "Half-Jew" Christian Priest: "Israeli politics today make a holocaust the day after tomorrow credible""I began with the recognition that the cancer of anti-semitism has not been cured. Tragically, Israel’s policies feed it - and when world Jewry defends Israeli policies right or wrong, then anger turns not only against Israel, but against all Jews. I wish it were mere rhetoric to say that Israeli politics today make a holocaust the day after tomorrow credible".

Paul Oestreicher in today’s Der Guardian.

Die Juden sind IHR Ungl├╝ck?

Classic anti-Semitism: "We’re not anti-Semites, the Jews make us anti-Semites". And as though that were not enough, Jews, writes Paul Oestreicher, if they continue defending their right to live as a nation, will disappear as a nation through "a holocaust the day after tomorrow". As deservedly as the first time around, Herr Oestreicher?

Oestreicher, a self-designed "half Jew", was a member of the Church of England’s general synod and director of the Centre for International Reconciliation, Coventry Cathedral; he is now a chaplain at the University of Sussex

Should any doubt still linger about the priest’s moral compass, here is a letter to the editors of Der Guardian (May 21, 2004) by a man old enough to know the difference between French resistance fighters attacking armed Nazis and Islamic radicals murdering and maiming unarmed Israeli commuters and diners:

"Those old enough to remember will recollect that the French Resistance were held to be heroes when they killed the German occupiers. I did not rejoice at German deaths then, any more than I rejoice at Israeli, American and, yes, British deaths now. But there is no difference".

Canon Paul Oestreicher
Former chairman
Amnesty International

And thus we have the pleasure to crown British Desmond-Tutu-wannabe Paul Oestreicher Judeoscope’s first Idiot of the Week. Way to go Paul! We are sure you won’t let us down in the future either!