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14 May 2007

Palestinian Interior Minister Resigns - New York Times

Palestinian Interior Minister Resigns - New York Times

This would be funny if it weren't so sad. How are the Palestinian poeple suppposed to agree to a comprehensive peace if they cannot even have a government with members who will refrain from shooting each other? What is their credibility to be able to even agree to anything meaningful when they cannot or will not put their own house in order? I think that, if given a choice, the average Palestinian would rather be living in peace and quiet and get about the business of their lives rather than fighting all the time. Their so-called leaders -- they have no real leaders, they admit this -- only see job security in perpetuating the nationalistic angst created by the refugee/return issue. They will not accept Jews in their midst. Or, rather, Jews with a political entity -- a state -- as this is, from a strict Islamic point of view, completely contrary to the notion of a caliphate, which is what every true-believer would like to see. As if it were the 1200s again. Somebody needs to tell these people that it isn't 1200 any more and that time only goes forward, not backward. This is a scientific, demonstrable truth. So what is the answer? If I knew it, I would gladly offer my services to the parties, but all I can see is right and wrong, admittedly from my own perspective. And what is happening in Israel is just intolerable -- for everyone. What the solution is to poverty and despair as well as the hatred toward Jews that has been inbred to the "Palestinians" since the beginning of the notion of a Jewish state in the late 1890s, I don't know. The world didn't welcome Jews then, didn't welcome Jews in 1948, and still has a problem with us having a political entity to call our own to which every Jew can flee, just in case. You mean they hate us just because our belief in one God, without any interpreters (e.g, Jesus, Mohammed) is therefore the existential negative of both of the world's other major religions? You mean, if it weren't for Jews, Christians and Muslims could relax about their religion? Gee, I don't get it. Or maybe...

Good night, and good luck.

Randy Shiner, doing his best Ed Murrow

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