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08 November 2009

A Failure of Common Sense

FromRandy Shiner <randy.shiner@gmail.com>
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ToSan Diego Union-Tribune, North County Times, San Diego Daily Transcript
SubjectA Failure of Common Sense
MessageLast night, the House of Representatives passed the most sweeping social legislation since Medicare, which Ronald Reagan himself compared at the time to a communist takeover.

Sadly, the Republican party has not learned a thing in over four decades since that groundbreaking legislation was passed. How can our elected representatives, most of whom presumably have minds and consciences within them, not see the common sense that is health care reform in this country? A healthy country is a more prosperous country and a prosperous country is a better country. It should not take simple logical syllogisms like that to prove the point, but the fact that only ONE Republican congressman, the first ever Vietnamese immigrant to ever reach the House of Representatives, Rep. Cao (Joe)Anh (LA-2), voted for this legislation?

Do not our Republican members of Congress possess an ounce of common sense? Or has it all been bought off by insurance company money and pandering to the "tea partiers" who have seemingly hijacked what used to be an intellectually respectable party? Whatever is said in the aftermath of this historic vote, I hope that those reading this will remember those Congressmen and women who voted against improving the health of their constituents. That is the bottom line. Nothing more, nothing less. The entire Republican party, the party of no ideas, has lost even a measure of common sense. Sad.

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