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23 November 2010

A Conversation Between Friends

Preface: Eric Reed is a world-class Jazz pianist and a "Facebook Friend" as well. He was Mitchell's ensemble instructor at the 2004 UCSD Jazz Camp and was and still is a great example of someone who tries to put back into life some of what he has taken out by doing educational programs all the time. He is evidently a very religious man, something that I respect. I am very interested in whether anyone thinks I went overboard in my comments about bowing down to Jesus and your opinion of the whole conversation in general. Please let me know in the comments here or privately if you're so inclined.


‎"Any man that will bow before Jesus, can stand up to any man." ~Dr. Ed Haygood
Sunday at 11:55am via Mobile Web · ·
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    • Peter L. Wright trudat!
      Sunday at 11:56am ·
    • Beverly Joy Douglas Can they keep a job, provide for the family, change their destiny and fulfill their dreams? That's the man he needs to be standing up to!
      Sunday at 12:12pm · · 2 people
    • Peter L. Wright ‎?????
      Sunday at 12:21pm ·
    • Eric Reed Ditto
      Sunday at 3:51pm ·
    • Randy Shiner
      With respect, I'm Jewish, and I will, I assure you, never bow before Jesus or any likeness of him, (or Buddha or Allah) since Jesus was, to my understanding, a man himself, not God, and I frankly prefer to have my own personal relationship with God in which I take personal responsibility for my actions using the free will that God, our creator, gave all of us. Do I look to God for help and strength during hard times? Of course. But my actions are up to me to dig myself out. They may not work, but the lesson of the book of Job, among others, is to never give up even in the worst circumstances and with that, I too can stand up to any man. I get what @Beverley is saying. It's God's work to just be who you are and take care of your family. That's being a real man.
      Sunday at 4:48pm · · 1 person
    • Mike Melvoin It's hard to argue with this reasoning:
      "Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required..." - Jesus, Luke 12:48.
      Sunday at 5:09pm ·
    • Eric Reed Philippians 2:10 expresses that every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Proverbs 14:12 tells us that man's way seems right, but ultimately just leads to death. If you're going to live like Jesus means nothing, you better be right.
      Sunday at 7:32pm · · 1 person
    • Randy Shiner
      That is, for those who follow the Christian Bible. I don't and find myself just getting along fine with the original. What is this "you better be right"? I know what it is: you think all Jews and other nonbelievers who don't believe in Jesus are going to what you call hell, right? That's the typical fundamentalist Christian point of view toward my people and which has formed much of the basis of your need to proselytize and worse. I don't believe that a man can be a God or that there is such a thing as a "virgin birth" or any of the mythology surrounding Jesus' birth, life, death and return. You are obviously free to accept and believe what you like. From what I know, he had lots of good things to say. I will use what God gave me that makes sense to me, combined with 5000 years of written tradition about how to conduct one's life in order to get closer to God in this lifetime. I talk to God directly and am not in need of an intermediary. For me, it's just that simple.
      Sunday at 8:05pm · · 1 person
    • Eric Reed This is funny; I posted a quote that you clearly didn't like - you could have simply opted not to respond. I didn't post the statement telling anybody what they had to do. What you call my "need" to proselytize is, in fact, an encouragement. If you're offended by it, you can change channels...
      Sunday at 8:30pm · · 2 people
    • Eric Reed Ah, I forgot one important one: Ephesians 6:12 - we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Thank you, Lord, for the revelation of your Holy Word.
      Sunday at 8:44pm · · 1 person
    • Dominic Evans To the person on here that said Jesus was not God (the Jewish Guy) does not know the word of Christ. "In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD WAS GOD! AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH AND DWELT AMONG MEN! ALSO JESUS TOLD THE PHARISES..."BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS........I...AM"! JESUS IS ALSO THE SAME PRIEST OF THE OLD TESTAMENT THAT CAME IN THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK. (order meanining manner). There are many scriptures that refer to the DEITY OF CHRIST SIR SO STOP MIS QUOTING.
      Sunday at 10:37pm · · 2 people
    • Mike Melvoin oo oh! A family quarrel! :) about who is right. The beauty of our music is how many things it can mean! The words can squelch the ambiguities. Prose worst, poetry better, prayer better yet, the music best. God does not make mistakes.
      Yesterday at 8:58am ·
    • Randy Shiner
      ‎@Mike: well said. @Eric, please don't get mad at me for putting up what I believe. I was not offended in the least by what you posted originally. I just have a different point of view. Religion is a very personal, emotional thing and strikes many different chords in many different ways depending upon how we were raised and what, as adults, makes sense to us and which gives us comfort during hard times and which forms the genuine basis of a model by which to live on this earth, now. I started out the conversation "with respect ", and I meant it. Just remember that doubt is as powerful a force as certainty. Peace to you and yours, my brother.
      Yesterday at 9:53am ·

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