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06 February 2009

Idiot Republicans

Which part of the memo did not Republicans get after November 4? Which part of the news are they having difficulty understanding? Unemployment figures are the worst in my lifetime and the Republicans, whose "voodoo economics" got us into this fix, are STILL proposing tax cuts to stimulate the economy? Ludicrous.

It's almost laughable if it weren't so pathetic. Don't Republicans understand that "tax cuts" are completely useless when the people (you and me) do not have any money to spend and therefore no taxes to pay? How can there be tax cuts when there is no money to spend? if banks are not lending, and they aren't, businesses cannot grow, and cannot hire people who would pay taxes. Tax cuts to businesses that are bleeding money and people do not care about tax cuts at this point. This just seems commonsensical to me.

There has to be bipartisan support for President Obama's stimulus package. Republicans need to get with the program and off their collective asses in order to avert a spectacular crisis the likes of which none of us can even imagine. Voodoo economics has been thoroughly discredited and it's time that rational Republicans and Democrats alike grow spines, swallow hard, and get behind the only thing that that is going to save this economy: spending programs that will put people back to work.

Randy Shiner

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