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23 July 2008

Israel and Jews' Friends, the Christian United for Israel - John Hagee, Joe Lieberman and Eschatology

Nary a word was mentioned in any Jewish media of which I am aware of the appearance of Sen. Joseph Lieberman at the Christians United for Israel convention. Is this some kind of theological con-game that Israel is playing on Christian Zionists or vice-versa? As Aretha Franklin once sang, "Who's zooming who?"

As I have written before in the context of "Messianic Jews", the closer Christians come to imitating Judaism in their attempts to convert Jews to Christianity, the closer they are to adopting Judaism.

I do not know if the same quantifiable analysis of Christian fundamentalists who are truly praying for Armageddon, ushering in the second coming of Jesus Christ, can apply here. These people are not seeking conversion in this lifetime - perhaps. But by their rabid and irrational support of miilitary options for Israel, they certainly seem to be throwing their weight at fostering such a war in the middle east - that they do not mind Israel starting against Iran, which such attack, they hope, will be the beginning of the end of the world as it is after which time Jews will either embrace Jesus as the Moshiach, or burn in hell.

In this video, the true aims of the rank and file of CUFI are exposed. Also exposed is the hypocrisy of its Jewish Israel supporters, who are party to the mass murder of a people. That is, again, assuming that the whole thing isn't a con-game against the CUFI and like thinkers to have their immediate support for Israel against known present enemies, without much care about their world-view or their end-of-the-world view.

The video was done by Max Blumenthal (h/t to www.maxblumenthal.com) and Thomas Shomaker (myspace.com/tshomaker) and is a great piece of work, well worth the 10 minutes of your time to watch and especially to listen. Who's zooming who?

Randy Shiner

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