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15 July 2008

Yes I whine, I’m angry and I got my stimulus stipend but I am not buying a gun

View from the booth:
This is from "puddydonne" - I wish I had the ability to write this stuff:

Yes I whine, I’m angry and I got my stimulus stipend but I am not buying a gun.

Sunday Meet the Press just misses the mark. I had time to think about Tim Russert and then my thoughts went to Joseph Patrick Dwyer. Monday, as I fantasized about an impeachment hearing with the dirty dozen all in attendance, the postal service delivered my skimpulus payment. Six hundred Federal Reserve notes. A FIAT FORGERY FOR TENDER. HUSH MONEY!

After checking it for Anthrax, I put it with a few other checks I would be depositing and continued to seethe silently over the state of affairs in my mind. It occurred to me to send $50 and sympathy card each of the dirty dozen as a contribution to their legal defense fund. Maybe I will hold it for 364 days and deposit it. I could update my wardrobe with impeachment hats and t-shirts but I already have enough that are well worn and comfortable as you know I have been promoting impeachment since 2003. How time flies when you are totally consumed with anger.

Getting to reality I would normally take a bribe like this and give to my charities. I was active with Darfur, Feed the Children and some other International Relief Orgs, but a colleague referred me to charitywatch and I was so depressed with what I saw I scratched them all off the list. I must find a new charity. Some ideas have come to mind.

The Nancy Pelosi SPINE RESEARCH Fund
The Karl Rove Soul TRANSPLANT Fund
CONSTITUTIONITIS - The search for a cure
McCain Brain Institute - The search for intelligent life
Wallstreet Make a Wish Hedge Fund
FEMA - For Ethical Misappropriation of Assets
THE ROTUNDA BLUNDAH FUND - “Send a kid to Congress to learn self defense”
The MEDIA-MAGIC Foundation - Feeding the world by not reporting the starving and dead.
THE SIERRA FUND - “Green by Eugenics”
THE POTOMAC FUND - Better Living through K Street
UNITED WAR WAY - A Joseph Lieberman Endowment

Today I am angry. Tomorrow I will whine and Wednesday I will deposit my Skimpulus check and do more research. Good day.

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