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28 July 2008

Today's Rant

Rant: John McCain is running the absolute worst campaign for President that I have ever been witness to. I thought Bob Dole (he of WWII, the Senate and Viagra commercials)ran something close to a Keystone Kops flick in '96, but McCain's inept campaign is obviously completely flummoxed by the Obama's uncanny ability to say the right things at the right times in the right places with the right people. The ad that was released today that questioned Mr. Obama's patriotism was just foul. Like month-old catbox foul. Beneath him. And the MSM lets this pass? What are people afraid of? Criticizing a former POW? Where is the examination of Mr. McCain's qualifications to lead this country in 2008?

For a candidate that supposedly stands up for veterans, it is interesting that the Disabled Veterans of America gave McCain a 20% favorable rating and Obama an 80% favorable rating. McCain has not supported the troops his record belies his protestations to the contrary and it's just pathetic that the MSM is not all over the McCain campaign for the outright lies and just plain stupidity that emanates like week-old fish fromt that campaign. For someone who claims expertise in Foriegn Affairs, the fact that he placed Pakistan on Iraq's borders is just inexcusable. Then again, he didn't have his lapdog Lieberman by his side to correct him, as he did when he mixed up Sunni and Shi'ia.

The reason the MSM isn't reporting all this about McCain is simple: they want to see a race. Races mean ratings. Ratings mean revenue. Revenue means bigger paychecks. The MSM, in this environment, cannot afford to have the thumping that McCain deserves. That the daily tracking polls are so close is either a reflection of a very poorly informed electorate or a general consensus that the people answering the polls are lying. If Obama loses to McCain, it will be worse than the 2000 election. The country will be doomed.

Randy Shiner

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