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08 August 2008

Friday Night, Pre-Shabbat News Dump in the U.S.: John Edwards Proves that Democrats Can Cheat and be Hypocritical, Too

I love Friday afternoons. First, they are the gateway to Shabbat. Second, for the past four Fridays, there has been major news that "just so happens" to get to be "news" as people head for a weekend and the business day 24/7 news cycle is resting. First it was bank closures and seizures. Today, for our amusement is the confession by John Edwards that he cheated on his wife at the exact time she was diagnosed with cancer. His statement belies a lack of understanding of exactly how egotistical and hyocritical he has been. He is delusional if he thinks that he is "99% honest". He told his wife of the affair and they got it squared away. The decision to leave this out of his narrative while he was running for president was a joint venture. He cheated on his wife and gamed his political capital to keep a lid on this story until this exact day, when the world is focused on the opening of the Beijing Olympics and Barack Obama, to whom he had given his then ringing endorsement, was on a well-deserved vacation with his family to Oahu, to make this statement. Plus, it still leaves open the question about some baby or other. Personally, I could never cheat on my wife. Never. But then, one can never say never, can one? I couldn't do it because I would love her so much that I would want to spare her the embarrassment of having to listen to my lies and distortions of reality. That and you are honest with your spouse always. John Edwards is simply toast. Let us see if there is not more fallout from this on Monday, when a certain percentage of the population will have its eyes cast across the Pacific to see how Barack Obama responds to this, if he hasn't already as I post this.

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