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31 August 2008

McCain's Lili Von Schtupp

More musings on Ms. Palin:

I know you remember the great 1974 Mel Brooks classic "Blazing Saddles". Who could forget the campfire scene with Mongo (Alex Karras, former Detroit Lions offensive lineman) and the rest of the hapless gang rooting and tooting after a whole lotta pork and beans. Mainly beans.

Then there was Hedley LaMarr, played with hysterical overacting and mustache-twitching by the late Harvey Korman, whose muse in the saloon theater is the incomparable Lili Von Schtupp, who is utterly perfect when she says "Oh Hedwey, it's twue, it's twue, it's weawy twue!" And look up and instead of Madeline Kahn's face, it's...Sawah Paywin! Phew! I feel wefweshed!

Skit script to follow.

Randy Shiner

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Anonymous said...


HAHAHA Thank you, I was depressed thinking about her, but you really put an enlargement lens on the hysterical woman. She is NUTS!

What the hell is going on with these elections anyway? Anyone can go up there now?