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11 August 2008

Good for John McCain's Speech?

John McCain said the right thing in his speech. This is an attack on democracy in the region. We will see what actual steps are taken as Putin replaces Shlakishashvili. We cannot do anything. Nothing. So yes, bluster, because there is no meat on the bones any more. What have we become as a country? A toothless paper tiger.

There is a criminal amount of negligence on the part of the entire state department not to understand what has been happening in Georgia for the last five years and more importantly, just how willing Putin is evidently able to act unilaterally. The problem with honesty is that we are, for the first time in history, unable to affect the rise of authoritarianism, both in China and in Russia.

This is a sad truth that we must face intelligently or not at all. And all the bluster and bluff is so much national self-delusion.

But for the want of a nail, a kingdom was lost.

Randy Shiner

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