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05 December 2008

Where the FUCK are you, Mr. Obama?

The Abdication of Leadership

No, not George W. Bush. Barack Obama, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! The incredible 533,000 new unemployed, the 'auto bailout', et al., are going to be your fault if you do not somehow effectively deal with the problems that Bush has abdicated his position on. You have a mandate to get your ass in gear and start to fix this clusterfuck of an economy we are in.

I will not blame Bush for these billions and billions. You have to insert yourself and make sure that the money of our economy is not put into the toilet. You are, I fear, using too much of a narrow view of "when" your powers constitutionally begin, to wit, January 20. I suggest that the circumstances warrant a change in this element of your thought. You had better have your ass in a room 15 hours a day with your economic and social advisers reaching into the nervous system of the government and economy that you have inherited. Get your ass in gear. Otherwise, quit now and let Joe Biden step up and do what it takes NOW to get things in hand. This country is utterly rudderless and you have some responsibility. You asked for this job and you got it. Start, man.

Randy Shiner

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