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05 December 2008

Who is going to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate?

It's Her Job, Governor Paterson

Though I have no say in the matter, I thought I'd pipe up and let you know that Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg should be offered the soon-to be vacant Senate seat currently belonging to Hillary Clinton. If she wants it, that seat should be hers.

If there is any person in America that should be afforded the honor of public service, it should be Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg. Her family has, in the constant and fervent service of this country, given of their lives unlike few if any other families in America. In the spirit of John Kennedy and his brother Bobby, Caroline should be named Senator from New York by Governor Paterson. Caroline is a genius and bright in her own right, and I am sure would make an excellent public servant - as Senator from New York.

I wish her well as the real model of a competent, grounded woman I would be honored to support however I could now or in the future.

Randy Shiner

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