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04 March 2006

Remember Why It's All Worth It

Dear Dr. Blogberg,

Aside from getting a compliment from the endodontist, the fact that I went 45 years without a root canal job does NOT have much to recommend it. Some would say it's due to non-existent flossing over the years. Others might say I just deserve it anyway, and yet others would just be nice and wish me a speedy recovery. Who knows? But at least I now know what to say to somebody that tells me they've had a root canal -- "sorry to hear it...I hope you get better soon. Can I bring you anything?".

Meanwhile, life does go on, but without much input from me, I'm afraid. Thank goodness for Laurie Buhrow - what a help!

Who knows, one day a book will arise from all of this meshugas. Just that I've been down lately -teeth hurting so much that I finally broke down and went to the dentist. Who laid the bad news on me - if it were her, she'd have the root canal done because it was coming any way - and facing more physical things than I care to handle, what with this root canal, the shoulders both having some tendonitis in the rotator cuffs and labrum being torn in my right (whatever that is...it f*&king hurts!), Crohn's, and PV.

If I'd take better care of myself, this stuff wouldn't be half as bad as it is - that's the shit part of this - I haven't been taking care of myself. Maybe I've just felt too down, but it's time to quit making excuses and start acting like I care about my body again, despite all the bullshit.

True, all of what I have is more than I bargained for. As the Yiddishists said "man plans and God LAUGHS!!". God is rolling on the floor laughing over ME! This must be some cosmic joke. He's getting even for all those times I played hookey from Sunday school at Temple Sholom and hit Mort's Deli with the Tzedekah money. Or the Treasure Island on Broadway. Whatever!

Well, this IS my bargain. I have to make it, if not for myself, then for Mitchell. Thank GOD for HIM. He is a miracle in the body of a 14 year old. He is just a terrific kid, who, at this point is thank GOD a wonderment. Surely I didn't bargain for him either, but how lucky am I?! So I will count my blessings - they are many. Thanks for listening, Dr. Blogberg.

Shavua Tov...see you next week.