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24 October 2008

New Cheesy Clips From Flynt's Paylin Outrage—With Guest Stars "Hillary" and "Condi"

This is pulled from the Daily Beast. They are somehow horrified that Larry Flynt made a porno involving a Sarah Palin lookalike (they appear to abound). I think it's terrific and wish Mr. Flynt well. I am sure that this will, after the initial surge, to borrow a word, fade into the dustbin of porno history after November 5. Then again, Mrs. Palin could be on the national scene for some time; personally, I predict that she'll get her own call-in show, a kind of Rush Limbaugh with female parts. Who knows? Mr. Flynt's made some decent investments over the years. This could be one of them. Who knows? A series might be in the offing.

Randy Shiner

New Cheesy Clips From Flynt's Paylin Outrage—With Guest Stars "Hillary" and "Condi"

by The Daily Beast


Forget Joe the plumber. Here comes Larry the pornographer.

Today, the Daily Beast cinematheque presents two previously unreleased scenes from Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?, Larry Flynt's filmic treatment of the Alaska governor. Porn star Lisa Ann plays the governor. The clip has been censored and there's no full nudity. But there is still some of naughty stuff, including shots of "the governor" canoodling with "Hillary" and "Condi", so the clip is NOT APPROPRIATE for young eyes.

Click the images below to watch the videos.


The second clip features the governor getting frisky with one of Todd's snowmobile buddies.


Several other scenes from the movie have surfaced in the last week, including a raunchy trailer on Hustler’s site.

It’s not the first time Larry Flynt has co-mingled with politicians, of course. Flynt won a 1988 Supreme Court decision against Jerry Falwell. In 1998, at the height of the impeachment Sturm und Drang, Flynt pledged to pay any women $1 million if she could prove she had an affair with a high-ranking politician. The yield: he forced the resignation of House Speaker-elect Bob Livingston with news of an extramarital affair, and accused Rep. Bob Barr of paying for his ex-wife’s abortion. Nearly a decade later, Flynt’s investigators unearthed Sen. David Vitter’s calls to a Washington, D.C., madam. The porn king’s stated m.o.—beyond selling magazines and maintaining his spot in the gossip pages—is to hit at “hypocrites” whose moral values may not match their rhetoric.

Having found no such hypocrisies in Sarah Palin’s past, Flynt decided to invent some. The film doesn’t advance the debate over health care, and most certainly does not offer what Barack Obama would call “hope,” but it does go farther than Tina Fey ever dared.

October 24, 2008 | 1:20pm

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