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25 October 2008

The Shit Has Hit the Fan

The Chickens have come home to roost, too. I find myself watching the local news which came on after the Ohio State - Penn State football game, to a piece featuring Kobey's Swap Meet. Apparently, things are so bad that business is down AT THE SWAP MEET by 33%. That's DOWN ONE THIRD.

This is what is being doled out as news to Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack. Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack just want a change in their lives and feel powerless to change the tidal wave that has hit them. Barack Obama will be judged in large measure how he LEADS this country during the course of the first year in office. Nobody will expect miracles from the guy, but he knows well that expectations are high and that at this point in time, in American history, failure is again not an option. May the force be with him. B"H.

Randy Shiner

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