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14 September 2008

If John McCain wins, WWIII is Assured

If John McCain wins, WWIII is Assured

If John McCain wins the forthcoming election, WWIII is assured. It is fairly common knowledge that John McCain's sole parting from the policies of George Bush lies in his foreign policy views, which are even more America-centric ideologically and more bellicose - remember the "Bush Doctrine"? Sure: America's ability to launch pre-emptive war. I admit that the question took me by surprise, but even I knew that one: it's the revision of 100 years of American foreign policy. Such was the justification for going into Iraq. Based, of course, on lies. Fortunately, I am not running for the Republican nomination for Vice President of the United States. Such knowledge is not a prerequisite, apparently, for that office.

Look at what has happened since August of this year: The American administration has been forced by circumstances to admit that "a timeline" with definite dates, can no longer be ignored, because the Iraqis are doing what Mr. Bush said was required: standing up for their own country after a warrantless invasion, based on the Bush Doctrine and lies. The scene in Afghanistan festers with new urgency: the place where Islamic fundamentalists who as an article of existence want to rid the world of Christians, Jews, Bhuddists, Hindus and everyone not a believer in Allah and are killing American soldiers at a greater rate than in a very long time. Even Barack Obama has had to admit and note that "the real war" is in Afghanistan. When I heard this, I thought to myself: here goes the Middle East. And Iran will seethe, because there are over a million Afghani refugees within the borders of Iran, not a small amount of people in a country of 70 million that is itself festering there, driven out by the Taliban. And who will pay? The Israelis, as Hamas and Hezbollah are puppets of the mullahs in Iran.

Look at what the Bush administration is doing foreign policy-wise in the "dead months" of this presidency: he has threatened the Russians with a nuclear weapons agreement whereby if Poland is invaded, we, the USA, will respond with nuclear weapons and ground forces.

Here is the video from the State Department:

Here is the press release from the State Department:

Missile Defense Agreement W/Poland
Secretary Rice
August 20, 2008

Secretary Rice and Poland's Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski signed in Warsaw the Agreement Between the Government of the United States of America and the Government of the Republic of Poland Concerning the Deployment of Ground-Based Ballistic Missile Defense Interceptors in the Territory of the Republic of Poland. In addition to deepening the bilateral strategic relationship between our two countries, U.S.-Poland cooperation in this area will make a substantial contribution to NATO's collective security and will be an integral part of any future NATO-wide missile defense architecture.

I would suggest that this agreement could just spark the WWIII that could presage the Armageddon that the fundamentalist Christians want the world to experience, for it, in turn presages the second coming of Jesus Christ. I suppose that I wouldn't mind it terribly if someone DID come as the messiah, but to me, it's not Jesus. He was a man. A man cannot be a deity. Regardless of my personal views on "Armageddon", a foreign policy that is driven by religion in an offensive manner is anathema to most situations, and especially in the totality of the present situation. Had not we become embroiled in the crime that is the policy that got this country into the disaster that has been Iraq, both here at home and abroad. If Iraq was not bogging so many soldiers down, perhaps our policy with Russia might have resulted in Mr. Putin's awareness that we were actually capable of defending Poland, much like Britain and France pledged to support Poland in 1939 after Hitler invaded on September 1 of that year. Britain and France did nothing to Hitler for the invasion. At this juncture in history, the Western powers cannot afford a repeat.

If the situation in Iraq takes 16 months to wind down, and the situation in Georgia (the one on the border of Russia) continues to deteriorate, what are the odds of Russia invading Poland? I do not know terribly much about Vladimir Putin, but his latest maneuvers (let us fully understand that President Medvedev is Putin's Sarah Palin in at least one sense) betray his knowledge that with the Bush administration is utterly incapable of doing a single thing that would strike fear into his, or anyone else's, heart.

The US has a choice as to whether to go to war over Georgia. There is no reason to go to war, or act like we would consider going to war over the Russian invasion of Georgia. What is our interest there, besides to piss off the Russians an a most inopportune moment, whose actions with respect to Georgia are similar to the Russian advance on Germany during the winter of 1945. Like a knife through goat butter, or whatever is the most popular dish in Georgia. Mr. McCain threatened; Mr. Bush huffed and puffed, but all that happened was that the Russians have done exactly what they want while simultaneously appearing to cooperate with the Western powers in order not to defeat, in turn, the credibility of those same powers, to allow them to save face in order, in turn, to allow them to remain available for further abuse. Lenin once called these sorts "useful idiots". The name is apt here.

What would we really do if Russia invaded Poland? Would we deploy nuclear weapons to Poland? What about troops? It seems to me that it is imperative that the West, led by America, do all in its power to protect Poland. Poland has by now a strong democratic tradition that should not be allowed to be crushed by an invasion of any kind by Russia. The US has a legitimate interest in seeing that situation undisturbed. What I think Russia resents is the perception - the reality - that the US was attempting to dictate the terms of a modus vivendi on the borders of Russia at the same time as she is in an extraordinary position. During the pro-democracy movement in Poland, our relative geopolitical strength vis a vis the Russians was very good in comparison with now. And at least Poland obtained her democracy and defended it the old-fashioned way: they earned it. The Solidarity movement can be thanked in large measure to the accelerated crumbling of the Soviet Union. Not to mention that, much like 1941, Poland is the only thing between Germany and Russia, much as it was in June, 1941, the last time the Russians invaded Poland. Only this time, they will not be on the same side as the Germans and there will be no "Non-Aggression Pact" which Hitler and Stalin signed, assuring the end of a free Poland for the next 25 years.

I am only worried that the McCain/Palin administration will continue the Bush administration's reckless policies and possibly make things in the world much worse by continuing to aggravate Russians and Iranians while we are in a compromised situation with respect to combat-ready, deployable forces. I did not have concerns about Mr. McCain's religious views: they are private. I care now: Sarah Palin's religious views would support Armageddon. Are we there? If Bush has his way, we will be at war in at least four places if all goes according to scripture: Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia and Poland. Regardless of scripture, rapture or anything else, John McCain, the admitted American exceptionalist, will see to it that the US is protecting and advancing the inherently superior American ideal of democracy all over the world by reacting to Russia with empty threats that cannot be turned into promises if need be. McCain will be Bush on steroids. If you want a big war, and more economic devastation for this country, vote for McCain/Palin. Because that is what is in store.

Then again, maybe a little bloodletting is in order. After all, it was only WWII that lifted the US out of the Great Depression, even with all of FDR's social programs. Pass the ammunition.

God save us all.

Randy Shiner

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