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05 September 2008

Michael Palin of Monty Python - The RIGHT Palin for the Job!

Somehow, the line "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!" sounds better coming from Michael Palin rather than the hockey mom/pit bull with lipstick Sarah Palin, who is a very bad impostor of a comedienne. The next Inquistion under Ms. Palin would clearly lose some gravitas if it is not led by Michael Palin. Clearly the memorandum that Mr. McCain passed out regarding his choice of VP mates got to the wrong people. I am sure that Mr. McCain meant to nominate Michael Palin as his recent travel show clearly qualifies him far more in the area of foreign affairs than Sarah Palin, a distant relative that the paterfamilias of the London Palins had banished to Wasilla, Alaska some 50 years ago when her father, Grunk Palin, insisted on shooting the single moose in the London Zoo. The shame was too much to bear for the elder Mr. Palin, so it was off to Alaska with the lot of them and here we are, in need of a real serious Palin like Michael and his mates in Monty Python, stuck instead with Grunk's daughter, Sarah. Kniggit!

Randy Shiner

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