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03 September 2008

Five Star Shitstorm - The Republican National Convention

Wait until you get to the part in the video from last night's Daily Show where they interview a "typical Republican delegate" on Monday night while Hurricane Gustav was rolling into Louisiana, really, truly pissed off that the RNC canceled Monday's events "because a few people are gettin' rained on". It's unbelievable to me that people like that actually exist in the world or that they have found a home in the Republican Party. In looking throughout the hall where the RNC is being held, I must admit I have never seen so many white people in one place since, well, the last Republican National Convention. This is a party for white people only? Or the occasional token minority? In this country? Right now? I can't believe it. I hope Sarah Palin-Von Schtupp wows 'em tonight on the benefits of being a woman from a state where men outnumber women 20:1. All those white folks need to learn how to dance, on the floor and in bed.

Randy Shiner

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