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24 September 2008

Impending Nuke Attack? Red Wine 'Can Help

I thought that everyone could use some good news this week.

Randy Shiner

Impending nuke attack? Red wine 'can help'
24 Sep, 2008, 1331 hrs IST, PTI

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LONDON: Red wine is being widely touted for its health benefits. Now, add one more to the list - the popular drink may also protect you against a nuclear attack.

A new study has revealed that resveratol, the natural antioxidant commonly present in red wine, offers protection against radiation exposure by preventing any kind of damage to the body's cells.

Researchers, led by the University of Pittsburgh's School of Medicine, have based their findings on analysis of the effect of radiation on laboratory mice who were given red wine.

In fact, they found that red wine when combined with the chemical acetyl and administered before radiation exposure protected the cells and helped prevent death of the mice, media reported.

According to the researchers, the findings could lead to drugs to counteract poisoning in the wake of a nuclear attack.
Lead researcher Dr Joel Greenberger said: "New, small molecules with radioprotective capacity will be required for treatment in case of radiation spills or even as counter measures against radiological terrorism.

"Small molecules which can be easily stored, transported and administered are optimal for this, and so far acetylated resveratrol fits these requirements well. Currently there are no drugs on the market that protect against or counteract radiation exposure."

The study was overseen by Pitt's Centre for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation, which is dedicated to finding radiation protectors that can be administered in the event of a large-scale radiological or nuclear emergency.

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