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23 September 2008

Is this the Marxist dialectic in action? A Congressional Moment

It has been argued that Messrs. Obama and McCain need to be in the middle of the debate over the bailout of Wall Street. This argument relies on the fact that George Bush had already checked out of the White House when sadly it reached out and grabbed him by the throat - to bail out all the Rockefeller Republicans on Wall Street.

This is completely wrong. Messrs. Obama and McCain need to stay clear of the situation. But this should not stop either campaign from taking a principled stand on this issue. Both should have figured it out and make it public as soon as possible. We shall see just how rotten was Rockefeller Republicanism. Ronald Reagan was a populist Republican. They are those people now in the Republican party who are outraged at the Bush Administration at present for screwing Main Street so awfully with their pressure to "immediately" bail out Wall Street. The Reagan "government is bad" ideology has been betrayed as only it could: the result of market deregulation over the last 28 years and the greed that went hand in hand with it has resulted in the financial disaster that is presently engulfing this country. And now that regulation is needed on a macro scale, that ubercaptialism and trust in unregulated markets is now resulting in socialism in America, because of a simple lack of what might have been smart regulations or a little less hatred for the role of government.

Now there will hopefully be a joint, bipartisan effort in Congress to protect the interests of the citizens, within an enormous bailout package for the de-gilded ones because no matter, we will reap what they have sown. And we are buying $700 BILLION in below par debt. I have heard numbers between 20% and 30% might be worthless. You do the math. And Commissar Paulson, late of Goldman Sachs, in Section 8 of his three-page plan, does not want any oversight whatsoever for him or his underlings.

We have not seen the end of the road we have started down. Is this the Marxist dialectic in action?

Randy Shiner

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